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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walt Disney World Ride Reviews (Magic Kingdom part 1)

Space mountain Is an exciting thrilling ride that has been only modified in the past the biggest thing to ever happen to the ride was when they replaced the track and changed the queue line.
This ride is relatively mild and in my opinion everyone can and should ride this attraction.
Splash mountain is a great ride to cool down and just to relax. This ride is often overlooked by those fearful of coasters but that is not at all the biggest part of the ride. Inside this marvelous ride their are animatronics and water shooting from place to place almost leaping. This is followed by the big drop but then you are welcomed back to the zipideedooda song that everyone knows and loves
This ride may not be for those especially scared of heights but they must realize they are missing out big time. Also this ride is 20% coaster and 80% dark ride.
Haunted Mansion Many little kids look at this beloved attraction as scary when it is really far from that. This ride takes a scary idea and makes it into a fun and humorous experience. As one of my all time favorite attractions in all of Disney World I would definitely say you cannot miss this amazing attraction. It’s filled with special effects and toward the end the song “Grim Grinning Ghost.”
MICKEY’S PHILLARMAGIC This attraction is amazing you put on your Opera glasses (3d Glasses) and magically all your favorite Disney characters come to life as you see them sing your favorite Disney songs. Such as “Part of your world, 'Be our guests, and “Just can’t wait to be king” and many more. This show features Donald duck, Goofy, Mickey, and many other characters. This is another can’t miss attraction. Also since the theater is so large for this attraction you rarely have to wait in line at all!!
It’s a Small World This attraction is and always will be a Disney classic. Featuring animatronics that come to life before your eyes and sing that song that everyone knows. The only bad thing about this ride is that you most likely will be singing this song after the ride is over!
Carousel of Progress This attraction was completely Walt Disney’s idea. His love for technology, inventions, and of course the future comes alive in this great show. Another cool thing about this show is that you move in a circle to see the parts of the show! The show follows the life of an American family from the past all the way to a not so distant future. This show is run by animatronics and is truly amazing. This ride usually has a small if any wait time and it is nice to relax and get off your feat and cool down. In my opinion this attraction has the most comfortable seats in all of Disney.
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin This ride is very cool and is loved by everyone you start off by getting in your vehicle with your laser blaster. Then you enter several rooms full of targets that literally put you into an arcade game. In this attraction you shoot a variety of alien type creatures to defeat the evil emperor Zurg at the end. I highly recommend this ride because it is great for everybody.

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