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The rock formations at Fort Wilderness Resort are created by the same person who created Big Thunder Mountain in the Magic Kingdom

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Magic Kingdom Movie!!!

Everyone has seen Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. But they have only been based off a piece of the heart of Disney the Magic Kingdom. So an idea has sparked to make a movie that takes place in the Magic Kingdom. Rumors have circulated about the movie being like "Night at The Museum." Where everything in the park comes to life!! Imagine how spectacular that would be all your favorite characters coming to life! But then comes the villains who would also inhabit this wonderful place. With the place being the Magic Kingdom the worst of the worst will come alive. In my opinion this could be an amazing movie lets hope they make it!!! Comment what you think the movie may be about!!!


  1. What are some of your ideas on what this movie could be about???

  2. I've heard this rumor as well, but as a possible adaption of the Disney published Teen book series "The Kingdom Keepers" More info about the bookscan be found here: http://www.thekingdomkeepers.com/about-the-books/kingdom-keepers-disney-after-dark/

  3. This has been a rumor for awhile now but I would love to see it happen!!