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The rock formations at Fort Wilderness Resort are created by the same person who created Big Thunder Mountain in the Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can't Miss Attractions (Magic Kingdom Classics)

For those who love Disney World or if this is your first time going and your not sure what you want to do first. Read this article and I'll explain what's out there for you, in this post I will give you some can't miss attractions that are considered classics.

1. It's a Small World: This attraction is one you will have to see no matter what when you step into the Magic Kingdom. This ride features that ever so catchy song "It's a Small World" as it takes you on a boat ride through various settings found around the planet. Each section features dancing dolls that are dressed to the surroundings as well as animals that might inhabit that reason. This ride is a sure fire classic and can't be missed.

2. The Haunted Mansion: This ride really captures all the Disney magic. From the mind boggling special effects that make you wonder how they did that or if its even real. Another Disney special is the catchy song which in this attraction is "Grim Grinning Ghost." Almost all the ghost in this attraction are friendly looking and everything is displayed in a humorous way all will enjoy!

3. The Mountains: Whether you like wild adventures, out of this world experiences, or maybe just a good splash you cannot miss these amazing attractions. Thunder mountain railroad features a run away train that takes you through the canyon. Space mountain takes you a rocket as you sling around space, and Splash Mountain takes you through the brier patch with laughs and splashes. Unless coasters are not for you one bit you must hit these amazing attractions!

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